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9 Designers and Architects Who Totally Smashed Common Sense

There are things that are displeasing to the naked eye.

A color, a scent or sometimes even a word can lead you from nowhere to a feeling of total dislike and it is not your fault, they are simply things that make you feel uncomfortable.

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Each person is different and their dislikes can also be different, what makes you uncomfortable, your friend may not. With this in mind we share 20 designs, perhaps little analyzed, that surely more than one will lead him to say “But what were they thinking?”

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Scroll down to find out, and don’t forget to tell us in the comments which one bothered you the most:

  1. Imagine not being thin and having this bathroom.

2. Someone deformed poor spiderman.

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3. If your intention is for me to be afraid to see this, you are doing very well.

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4. “The intercom in my building. At night you can only see the lights but not the numbers ”.

5. A stairway to nowhere.

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6. One step is missing here.

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7. We challenge you to say what is wrong here.???

8. Someone does not understand how masks work. This is the safest mask!

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9. “And that’s how I’m going to break my toes.”

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