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Before you go, can you explain what the f**k the deal is with your hair?

AMERICA has asked Trump if he can do it a favour before he pisses off and explain what the f**k is going on with his hair.

Following his loss to Joe Biden, the country has decided that as Trump is pretty much the most humiliated he will ever be, he might as well admit the truth about his whole coiffure situation.

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Jordan Gardner of Tenessee said: “Like, we get that you’re bald. But how do you get from that to this?

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“Is it all your hair, in which case it must be insanely long? Like four feet long? Or is it hair from monkeys or orphans or the dead or something?

“Also, while we’re asking, what’s going on with your face? The whole orange deal, apart from the white eyes? Do you put that make-up on every day? Why?

“Come on, dude, you’re already looking the maximum dick after this whole campaign. Just tell us the honest truth about what the deal is with that freaky shit. Then f**k off.”

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Melania Trump, on her way back to Slovenia, said: “Yeah, what is that? I don’t know. I’ve never been alone in a room with him.”

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