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Preach! 5 Traffic Signs That Make A Great Point

Wow! These signs are putting themselves out there in a major way, and what they have to say is 100% relevant and necessary! We love it! Preach, traffic signs!

Okay, hell yes! This is an intersection, and this stop sign is making the awesome point that you do need to stop at it! We could not have said this better ourselves. When you put it like this sign did, it really does make sense to stop right here and wait for a second or two before continuing to drive! We feel you, stop sign! Keep doing your thing!

25 mph sign with a tree and concrete road and curb

This speed limit sign is going all the way off, and it’s 100% right to do so. If you don’t go 25 or under on this little residential road, the police are going to come and straight up arrest you! Rock solid argument right there. Your point is well taken, sign! All we can say is yas!!!!!

Yield sign along Columbia river with bridge in background

Honestly we always kind of of forget what the fuck yield means, but this sign is saying it loud and proud, and we are here for it! We’re sure it knows what it’s talking about, even if we don’t. We hope it keeps on speaking its mind, because what it has to say is brave af, and we’re inspired. Yield indeed!

Illinois highway, USA. May 8, 2019: Warning road sign billboard for stopped vehicles and speed limits on a highway, cloudy sky

Fair enough! You can’t really argue with this one — what are you gonna do, just plow right through a stopped vehicle? We’d rather take this sign’s sage advice and either slow down or move over. Much respect to this sign for pointing that out in a clear and concise manner! Someone had to say it, and this highway sign was clearly not afraid to be the one to do it. Can we get a hell yeah?!

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, and we’d say that this sign has used a picture to tell us absolutely everything we need to know about how it’s time to walk. We don’t always love listening to signs, but sometimes they make some pretty impressive arguments. We appreciate what you have to say, signs!

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