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After long days without water, this poor dog carries a bucket asking for water

Not long ago, the citizens of Peru had to face a major drought. Many people lost their lives, while several thousand others were forced to flee their homes due to lack of drinking water.
Abandoned animals, which live on the streets, have faced an equally grim period for several months in a row.

In this video made in Lima, the capital of Peru, we see a desperate dog begging for water on a hot day.

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Due to the prolonged drought, all open water sources in the city have disappeared and the rest have been contaminated with mud. After thirsting for days, this helpless dog is forced to pick up a thrown bucket and venture out into the street for help.

In the pictures you can see that someone had already poured some water in the bucket, but cautiously, the dog tries to collect more for future use. One of the passers-by strokes his head, trying to get him to leave the bucket, but the poor creature refuses to give up the makeshift water vessel.

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This video moves us both and excites us. While the problems and insecurities of this dog are quite obvious, the bitter truth is that millions of homeless dogs suffer from a lack of food and water every day. Let’s be better and make life as easy as possible for the stray animals around us.

Click on the video below to watch the thirsty homeless dog roaming the streets begging for water.

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