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Dog Won’t Stop Getting Stuck In Mom’s Sweaters

"He just stared at me and had a mix of embarrassment and shame.”

Ever since he was a puppy, it’s been Roger’s life mission to always be as cozy and cuddly as possible.

“[He] LOVES snuggles,” Autumn Nelson, Roger’s mom, said. “He really enjoys climbing up and putting a paw on each of our shoulders to give what we call ‘face hugs.’ He loves playing with and snuggling our cats too.”

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On his search for snuggly places, Roger’s favorite activity has always been to burrow. Lately, his favorite place to burrow has been in the sleeves of his mom’s sweaters, which has turned out to be a bit inconvenient.

“He did it for the first time a few weeks ago … I had heard him whining upstairs when I called him to go outside and I found him stuck in my sweater,” Nelson said. “I of course laughed forever and decided I had to document it before getting him out! He just stared at me and had a mix of embarrassment and shame.”

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Poor Roger looked so funny squeezed inside his mom’s sweater, like the cutest doggo burrito there ever was. Of course, Roger didn’t find it quite as funny, even though he was very cozy.

Roger’s mom hoped he had learned his lesson after that — but instead, he’s since gotten stuck in the sleeves of her sweaters two more times.

“Every time I have found him it was because he finally decided to get out, but couldn’t, so he’d whine,” Nelson said. “I’d go in my room to find him in yet again another sweater.”

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In the seven years since Roger joined his family, he’s never tried to burrow in his mom’s sweaters before, and no one can figure out why he’s suddenly become fascinated with it. His burrowing adventures have never led him to get so stuck before. Since he keeps coming back to the sweater sleeves, there must be something about them that’s just so irresistibly cozy.

His family wishes they could just let him keep getting stuck, but of course, they can’t.

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“He has always burrowed [in] baskets of clothes and into blankets,” Nelson said. “He somehow wraps himself into them like a burrito but he’s never done the sweater thing until the other week. Now we have to hide our laundry basket in the closet.”

Hopefully, with all of the sweater sleeves hidden away, Roger won’t find himself stuck so much anymore (even though it is pretty darn funny). Instead, he’ll have to find other places to burrow, as he continues on his mission of trying to always be cozy.

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