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After 4 Long Months Apart, Man Keeps Promise To Re-Adopt Dog He Was Forced To Surrender

There are few happier days than when you adopt your furry friend! It is a day full of emotion and happiness, not to mention the start of a long relationship. Lewis Jiminez went through that roller coaster of emotion – only to have something terrible happen.

Lewis decided to adopt a pup named Titus!

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When you are ready to get a dog, you just know! For Lewis, that time had come. He went over to the Austin Animal Shelter and asked if he could adopt a dog from them. After walking around and meeting a few of the pups there, his heart settled on one.

Titus was an 8-month-old pup that Lewis connected with.

Titus is a pitbull, a breed that historically has a difficult time being adopted from shelters. It’s through no fault of their own but the reputation that they have because of some terrible people in the world.

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When Lewis brought his pup home, the problems began.

The problems weren’t with the dog, however, but with the people in his apartment complex. Titus was adopted in 2013 from the animal shelter, and after a few years, those problems would result in something terrible.

One of the neighbors at the apartment complex repeatedly complained to Lewis’ landlord.

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Unfortunately, the man already held resentment about living in a complex with a pit bull and had a grudge that Titus had nothing to do with. Lewis did everything he could to make things work and to create a safe and amicable environment for everyone.

Finally, the situation came to a tipping point.

After the man repeatedly complained to management, things were primed for ignition. Lewis was doing everything in his power to ease tensions all the while. Every day he would wake up at 4 am, just to walk Titus while nobody was up. Sadly, one day, Lewis’ 10-year-old grandson took Titus on a walk and ran into the problem neighbor.

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The neighbor claimed that Titus lunged and nipped the end of his finger!

There was no way to prove things, one way to the other, so Lewis did what he had to in order to have a place to live – he took Titus back to the shelter after four years of living with him. Lewis’s heart was broken, but he immediately got to action finding a way to get his dog back.

Lewis would visit the shelter to check on Titus as often as possible, hoping to find a solution soon.

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Every time he visited Titus, he promised him that he would be back for him as soon as possible. Luckily, the Austin Animal Shelter rarely euthanized animals, so for the time being, Titus was somewhat safe, if not happy.

After four months of torture, he was finally able to find housing in their price range!

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Nearly half a year into the terrible ordeal, Lewis scored. He found a house to rent and made his own rules about the dog he had on his property! It was time to bring Titus home!

“Titus got lots of love here at the shelter from staff and volunteers. He went on regular walks, played with toys, and got lots of treats. News of Titus’ reunion spread through the shelter pretty quickly and there were tears from everyone.” – Austin Animal Shelter

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“Animals are our family. He’s home. He’s home, and he’s happy.”

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