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Autistic Woman Shares Heartwarming Video Of Her Service Dog Soothing Her During Panic Attack

If you need any more proof that dogs are the best, this post is all things you need.

Meet Hayley Martin, the autistic woman from Australia who is inspiring millions of people on the world with a powerful and heartwarming video of her service dog helping her through a panic attack.

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Haley has autism and often experiences sensory overload and panic attacks which used to be life threatening for her earlier, but now with her service dog Marley by her side, she is doing very well.

For Haley, Marley is so much more than just a pet and a companion, he is actually a vital lifeline that she could not survive without.

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Hayley met Marley in May 2018 and since then the pup has made an incredible impact on her mental health and well-being. He is quick to spot panic attacks and jumps into action by soothing Hayley so she doesn’t get hurt.

“This dog has saved my life,” she wrote in 2019. “He has become my service dog. He has made me more independent. Has given me so much of my life back.”

Watch the video of Marley helps Hayley through panic attack:

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We can see Hayley getting more and more distressed in the video, and scratches and hits her legs in an attempt to calm herself down, but Marley sets his paw over her hand.

Hayley pushes away his paw time and again, but the dog calmly continues. Finally, he jumps onto her lap to give her a “forced hug” and licks away her tears. She appears to still be upset, but starts to settle down and wraps her arms around him.

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“So grateful to have this boy every single day,” she wrote. “This was harder to upload, and it’s a bit more severe than the others. But I wanna show people that dogs can help in great ways.”

What a beautiful bond these two share and you can see how caring Marley is, as he never gives up on Hayley even though she pushes him away time and again. A great lesson to all of us human beings.

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