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Aban.do.ned puppy goes from sadness to joy instantly

I got choked up when he kissed the dog right after she was caught.

The road to a forever home can be a long one, but it started with this puppy being found by the road where her entire demeanor changed when spotted.

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Animal rescuers spotted a dog next to a road. She was sitting a little too close to the road. When approached, the little pup seemed to be uncertain how to react.

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But then suddenly she seems utterly delighted to see people when she figures out that nobody is there to hurt her. She runs back and forth from the rescuers to a spot further down in the ditch.

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There’s another puppy in the ditch that looks very much like her. It’s clear that they were abandoned together, brother and sister. Evidently, he was struck by a vehicle and killed.

This explains the surviving sister’s forlorn demeanor when she was first spotted. The rescuers had a time catching her. Happy as she was to see people, she wasn’t going willingly.

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But as soon as they caught her, she was on her way to the life her brother would have wanted for her. She lives happily in a new home with a loving family that isn’t going to leave her behind.

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You can watch more of this emotional rescue in the video below:

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