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Starving Dog Caught Stealing Food From Supermarket

When we talk about a thief, we always think that a sanction is necessary to correct this behavior outside the socially accepted norms.

But what happens when that thief is a cute little puppy?

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This one that not only stole some food but also stole the hearts of thousands and thousands of people who saw the video?

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The local security cameras caught the dog stealing food from the supermarket, he really is a touching thief. It seems that the saying “for every rule, there is an exception” is true. And who can ask for a sanction for this adorable puppy?

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The incident occurred in America and has already traveled around the world. The occurrences of our furry friends never cease to amaze us and make our lives more fun.

Dogs always manage to put a smile on people’s faces, especially their loved ones. Even if they then have to run to help them because they have gotten into trouble.

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In the video, we can see when this little dog enters the supermarket very quietly and goes to one of the shelves. As soon as it arrives, it starts sniffing as if looking for something palatable for its stomach.

Finally, he seems to get something that catches his attention. He doesn’t hesitate to take the food package with his mouth and walk out of the establishment directly through the door, without first going to the cashier to pay for the purchase.

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The dog acted so normally that even the surveillance personnel ignored the furry one’s inappropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, the guard paced back and forth without realizing that the adorable puppy had passed by his side.

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The video of less than a minute’s recording managed to steal the hearts of thousands of internet users who did not fail to highlight the friendliness and talent of this thieving dog worthy of the famous Paper House series.

“With his sneaky talent for getting away with it and stealing what he wanted, no doubt this dog must be an experienced lighter”, commented one of the network users.

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The puppy walks through the corridors serene and unhurried , stopping even a few moments in front of the door, and as soon as it opens a local employee seems to notice that the furry one has something in his mouth, but it is too late.

The puppy runs away and seeing that no one follows him, goes on his way in silence.

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The puppy’s name and what happened to him afterward are unknown, but the truth is that the staff will be watching in case he decides to visit again and thus learn a little more about this dog.

Share this funny story, it’s really hard to be angry with an adorable puppy that for some reason got into mischief.

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