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They spent years living in horrific conditions, malnourished and hurt, but love cured them.

Dogs are creatures that deserve to live in good conditions and enjoy the care and love they crave. However, many people keep them as pets just to get rid of the worst for them. Not only do they abandon them, but they also hurt them physically and emotionally, writes fancy4work

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The film is about puppies and sisters in life, Millie and Kiara. The story of these canines was revealed through Humane Society International’s YouTube channel, in which the nightmare they had endured for years was revealed.

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Kiara’s body was deformed due to an untreated spinal injury. On top of that, the poor little dogs have a flea and tick problem.

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Their former owners were negligent and abusive, as they did not keep them abandoned but in truly reprehensible living conditions.

“ Millie and Kiara have endured cruelty and neglect , living in poor conditions, severely malnourished, covered with parasites , fleas and ticks . Millie is suffering from an infected wound and Kiara has problems with her spine , in addition to her ability to immobilize ,” the organization said.

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Thanks to the intervention of HSI Costa Rican workers, the Penelopes ‘ ordeal was over. The organization rescued her and took care of them, until they found a family for each of them.

“They received the treatment and medical care they needed. Now, Millie and Kiara are happily living in their new home, where their wounds and beliefs are healed every day. “

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The dogs now have new human parents. The film is about the good-hearted Sabrina and her son Diego, who decided to adopt them.

“I encourage them to adopt because they (the dogs) give us more than we can give them (…) It’s so hard for Millie to have small hands and see Kiara with that thing. her head is crooked and how thin she is” Sabrina commented.

Now these dogs are living in a real home, full of love they didn’t receive in the past but they deserve so much of it. The best part about this rescue is that the poodles are not separated and can continue to grow together thanks to the people who have come together to rescue and help them move forward.

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Millie and Kiara are today’s happy creatures, share that beautiful overcoming story and encourage your friends to be a part of the transformation of so many hairy people. Rescue and Adoption!

Source: fancy4work.com

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