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Woman Hosts Afternoon Birthday Party, Friends Become Clearly Disappointed When They Discover Alcohol Isn’t Included

Is alcohol an absolute necessity when it comes to hosting parties? This perennial question arises whenever a host is gearing up for a festive occasion.

Yet, the reality is, a good time at a party doesn’t hinge on the presence of alcohol. A host possesses various avenues to delight guests and craft an unforgettable gathering.

There exists a distinct charm in parties that don’t revolve around alcohol. In its absence, guests engage in more profound conversations with the host and share heartier laughter.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that alcohol can occasionally ignite conflicts. Without it, the host can bypass the task of managing unruly, inappropriate, or offensive behavior from inebriated guests.


Ultimately, the decision to incorporate alcohol into the party rests with the host. Should guests insist, they always have the option to bring their own libations.

A woman found herself subject to judgment on the “Am I The A**hole?” (AITA) subreddit for neglecting to inform her friends about the alcohol-free nature of her afternoon birthday party.

A midday celebration, spanning from 12 PM to 5 PM, logically doesn’t prompt expectations of alcoholic beverages. Yet, upon arrival, her guests expressed disappointment with the offerings of cake, snacks, and soda.

The original poster (OP) was taken aback by her friends’ discontent, some even expressing anger due to the lack of alcohol.

A woman hosted a birthday celebration, only to encounter her friends’ disapproval over the absence of alcohol.


Her decision to host a birthday event, despite it being atypical for her, still led her to extend invitations to friends.


Acknowledging her personal aversion to alcohol, the OP had not even considered its inclusion.


In a show of solidarity, the community rallied behind the OP, some asserting that alcohol is customary solely during family gatherings.


A user suggested that the OP could have permitted guests to bring their own alcohol, had they anticipated the desire for it.


The option for her friends to furnish their own alcoholic beverages was indeed viable.


Certain individuals found it perplexing that her friends contributed nothing to the event, but these perspectives may not account for regional norms.


Even if the OP omitted a formal notice regarding the absence of alcohol, the friends’ reaction was deemed discourteous.


Rather than complain, the OP’s friends could have easily procured their preferred drinks independently.


Expressing frustration, some individuals noted the immaturity displayed by these “adults” who exhibited a tantrum due to the absence of alcohol. A sentiment of congratulation for the OP on her special day appeared more appropriate.


The expectation that a non-drinker should provide alcohol appears unreasonable.


The OP’s actions were entirely justified. However, considering her entitled circle of friends, it might be wise for her to communicate the exclusion of alcohol in any future gatherings.

Alternatively, refraining from hosting a party altogether might prove to be an even more prudent choice!

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