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Adorable Dog Is So Cute That A Neighbor Woman Left A Note Asking To Pet The Pup

We’ve all been in that heartwarming situation: you spot an adorable dog, and an irresistible urge to pet it takes over. Yet, times have evolved. In the past, freely petting any dog you encountered was the norm, but that’s no longer the case. The lessons we’ve gathered over time highlight the importance of respecting dogs’ boundaries and seeking permission before approaching unfamiliar pups.

Day after day, as Sarah Elkins embarked on her morning journey to work, a delightful sight awaited her near her office – a cheerful pup in the yard. This little furry friend radiated happiness, and Sarah was eager to shower her with affection. However, Sarah recognized the significance of not overstepping bounds without the dog’s owners’ consent.

Herein lies an invaluable lesson from Elkins: even the most exuberant dog deserves the courtesy of permission-seeking before receiving pets!

“I’d often tell her she was a pretty girl, and soon enough, she’d respond by nuzzling her nose through the fence and swaying her tail. Still, I was careful not to intrude on her space,” shared Elkins. And so, Sarah was determined to obtain the go-ahead to give this furry buddy some attention.


“At one point, I stepped out of my office, and she met me at the gate, her entire body wiggling with joy and a radiant smile,” Elkins recalled.

Sarah Elkins

Unable to resist any longer, I dashed back to the office to create the sign.”

Sarah Elkins

Sarah hatched a plan to craft a sign, politely asking the dog’s family for permission to pet their precious pup.

Sarah positioned the sign just within the gate’s entrance, ensuring that the family would come across it. Eagerly, she awaited their response. The following day, as Sarah made her way to work, her heart danced with anticipation upon discovering the family’s answer.

The note read, “OF COURSE! Her name is Sparrow, and she is a good girl.” Naturally, Sarah was overjoyed!

Sarah Elkins

“I was somewhat apprehensive that the answer might be negative, but it turned out otherwise,” Elkins recounted.

Sarah Elkins

“Adding to the joy, Sparrow stood there, tail wagging with such fervor that it practically swayed her entire body from side to side.”

Now, Sarah visits Sparrow each morning and even throughout the day, sharing an abundance of affection.

“At times, Sparrow will extend her paws over the fence, seeking a hug,” Elkins gushed. The cuteness overload is simply irresistible!

Sarah Elkins

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