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This Father Of 2 Tired Of Being A Dad And Is Offended By His Brother Referring To Himself As A Dog Dad

Let’s dive into a Reddit story from the (AITA) Am I the A**hole subreddit, where a Redditor shared his personal conflict about feeling offended by his younger brother’s claim of being a dog dad.

The original poster (OP) painted a vivid picture of his life, emphasizing his role as a dedicated father of two, navigating the challenges of parenthood while balancing the financial demands that come with it. Amidst the hustle of his paternal duties, one issue seemed too significant to ignore.

The OP found himself bothered by his 23-year-old brother’s assertion that he is a “dog dad.” The OP expressed his frustration, even noting that his brother’s friends seemed to endorse this notion.

Elaborating further, the OP delved into the backstory of his brother’s English Bulldog, a point that ignited divergent opinions among commenters, diverting attention away from the primary question.


The essence of the OP’s query was whether he was wrong for opposing the trend of people adopting the title of “dog parents,” a trend he seemed to link to his own experience of genuine parenthood.

Commenters weighed in with their votes, ultimately declaring the OP as the “a**hole” in this scenario. However, the discussion extended beyond this verdict, branching into topics like responsible breeding and shelter adoption.

Original Question by the OP:


The OP’s narrative began by presenting him as a devoted and loving parent



Commenters interpreted the OP’s stance in diverse ways

Comment after comment unravelled, touching upon issues like illegal breeding regulations, with some interpreting the OP’s words as an objection to dog breeding in general.

Amidst the discourse, a hint of bitterness began to surface in the OP’s tone


The OP subtly voiced his perspective, advocating for a different viewpoint than those he appeared to differ from



At its core, the story highlighted the OP’s viewpoint, focusing on his discomfort with his brother’s identification as a “dog dad” and participation in father-themed celebrations.



At its core, the story highlighted the OP’s viewpoint, focusing on his discomfort with his brother’s identification as a “dog dad” and participation in father-themed celebrations.

Although the OP acknowledged his brother’s choice not to prioritize having human children, he found it excessive to liken pet ownership to parenthood. He emphasized his own sacrifices as a parent and questioned the comparison to dog “parents.”

The OP cited reasons like insensitivity to those struggling with fertility or financial difficulties, framing his inquiry as a query into the normalization of such titles.

The Reddit community overwhelmingly labeled the OP as the “a**hole,” and in the process, expanded the conversation to cover topics ranging from ethical breeding to the dynamics of pet companionship.


This Redditor offered clarification for those seeking insight


Comments delved into the complexities of dog breeding


Some discussed the circumstances that drive dog breeding choices


The discourse touched upon the distinction between ethical and unethical breeding practices


Shelter adoption was considered, though it comes with challenges in some regions


The concept of backyard breeders was scrutinized in the context of ethical breeding


Differentiating between ethical and unethical breeders was highlighted for those considering this route


The OP’s bitterness drew attention from the Reddit community


Perspectives emerged from those whom the OP appeared to represent


For some, being dog parents helps fill a void, particularly for those struggling to conceive


Embracing the affection for “fur babies” was acknowledged as a valuable sentiment


The pure delight of grandparents pampering their grandpuppies was noted


Generally, fur babies are welcome here


The sentiment of welcoming fur babies into families resonated with the Reddit community


The notion of being both a human parent and a “fur baby” parent found support


A shout-out to grandpawpys who shower love on their grandpuppies


Acknowledgment of differing opinions on what should be normalized emerged, as the OP’s personal experience shaped his viewpoint. The discussion illuminated the diversity of perspectives and the nuances surrounding the label of “dog parent.”

The depth of emotion tied to this debate was explored, with the recognition that for some, the title of “dog parent” signifies a meaningful connection and pride in providing for their beloved pets.

Are you a proud dog parent? Do you agree with the Reddit community’s verdict on the OP’s situation? Share your thoughts in the comments and join the conversation.

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