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Artist Refuses To Redo A 12-Hour Pet Portrait For Free After Client Expressed Her Dissatisfaction

The moment has arrived to take a deep breath, find amusement, shed a tear, and embrace some pure content. Indeed, we relish holding our beloved pets, recognizing their exceptional value to us.

We delight in indulging them with fresh playthings, treats, and an array of delightful items that they cherish. Our affection for our pets is so profound that we’re ready to go to extraordinary lengths and even allocate a significant sum of money to immortalize their essence through art.

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In today’s AITA narrative, the individual who takes center stage is an artist who brings these visions to life, dedicating his spare time to crafting freelance pet portraits. However, one might inquire what led this artist to the AITA subreddit community.

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Well, he encountered a quandary with one of his clients and opted to share his experience. As the story goes, the OP manages a full-time job while still carving out time for crafting pet portraits.

As fate would have it, he was promoted at work, which inevitably curtailed his availability for side ventures, although he diligently pursued them whenever the opportunity arose. At his mother’s behest, he undertook the task of creating a pet portrait for a colleague of hers.

Dedicating two hours of arduous effort each day, the OP meticulously worked on this portrait, only for the colleague to express dissatisfaction with the final result.

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The Headline


The OP, understandably, declined to undertake another pet portrait without supplemental compensation. What perplexes me, however, is the assertion made by the OP’s mother that “photographers merely charge a nominal fee.”

Art may not come free, but do read on to uncover the unfolding of the entire narrative.

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Dependent on Dimensions and Intricacy


I scaled back my frequency in creating them


She was amicable with the outcome


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Crafting an entirely new piece without additional remuneration is unfeasible


She suggested my rates were excessive


The OP acknowledges his self-worth, yet he’s cautiously skeptical in this instance, and my hunch is that the involvement of his mother plays a role. Yet, one would presume a mother should grasp the essence of her son’s artistic pursuit.

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Redditors shared a plethora of opinions on this matter, and below, you’ll find some of the most upvoted comments. So, continue scrolling to peruse their viewpoints.

A Photographer Captures Moments in Seconds, While a Painter Dedicates Hours


She’s undermining the sweat equity of your labor


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You’re no clairvoyant


It’s remarkable how a sense of entitlement can manifest


Perhaps she should engage a photographer if their rates are lower


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Kindly advise your mother to endeavor the task herself

Bear Cub_15

No artistic talent should be undervalued, and comparing a photographer to an artist is like juxtaposing fleeting seconds against hours of diligence and commitment required to breathe life into a singular artistic creation.

The consensus among Redditors leaned toward the OP maintaining his stance. However, we’re eager to hear your perspective. What counsel would you offer the OP?

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Share your insights and responses in the comments section below.

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