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Woman Shares The Requirements For A Nanny Job She Interviewed For, And It’s Insane

When actress Hollis Jane Andrews stumbled upon a job advertisement seeking a “magical” nanny, she thought it could be a delightful opportunity. Little did she anticipate that the couple behind the ad had a rather Mary Poppins-esque vision in mind.

Hollis’s tweet detailing the “absurd list of duties” the potential nanny was expected to fulfill quickly gained viral traction. The couple’s demands, juxtaposed against the offered compensation of a mere $13 per hour, painted a picture of a role verging on servitude.

Unbeknownst to Hollis, the couple adhered to the Scientology faith. While this aspect itself wasn’t inherently problematic, her perceptions shifted upon attending the interview.

As outlined in the advertisement, the parents’ interest in interacting with their children appeared confined to moments of joy and laughter. When faced with challenging behavior, the nanny was designated as the de facto problem solver.


Post the children’s bedtime, the nanny was slated to undertake the comprehensive cleaning of the family’s entire home. An arrangement that raises an eyebrow, to say the least.

Hollis elaborated, shedding light on the dynamics, “I believe they think it’s their unique child-rearing approach (which I partly agree with) and that strict adherence to their guidelines is paramount. However, veteran nannies like myself, with years of experience, can offer valuable insights and advice, often overlooked because parenting is deeply personal.”

“That’s why I think they are hesitant about providing fair compensation – it’s personal. They likely operate off the books, aiming for a favorable deal, all while genuinely cherishing their child.”

In her assessment, Hollis noted, “In their eyes, tending to their ‘precious angel’ isn’t a job; it’s a privilege. They wish they could be with their child all day, leading them to perceive it as beyond mere employment.”

She continued, “It’s an engagement they relish, and they’re irked by the necessity of remunerating someone to fulfill it. Their love for their child is immense.”

“The bond they share is incomparable, and they can’t fathom a disconnect, hence they perceive it not as a job, but a gift. The mentality reflects ‘you’re fortunate to spend time with my baby while I toil,’ overlooking the fact that we too leave our families to care for theirs. Just as they don’t wish to leave their families for work, neither do we. But it’s our job.”

Viewed through this lens, it indeed presents a comprehensible perspective. For the complete account of Hollis’ narrative, please refer to the following.

Introducing Hollis!


In 2013, Hollis interviewed for a nanny position within a Scientologist family.

The job listing was nothing short of “bizarre.”

The offered wage amounted to a mere $13 an hour at the time.

Responses from the online community were as follows.

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