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Man Marries Woman Called ‘Ugly’ for Deformed Face Yet ‘Most Beautiful’ in His Eyes — Now They’re Expecting

A woman born with a distinctive facial appearance that set her apart from others was tormented, called ugly names, and bullied all her life. Having gone through such a rough time as an adolescent, she began to think she would never be worthy of love, protection, or affection. However, a remarkable man entered her life years later and made her see herself in a glowingly positive light, and the two are set to become parents.

Cynthia Murphy, a woman in her thirties, was born with a rare craniofacial deformity called Treacher-Collins syndrome. This disorder affects how the bones and the bone tissue in the face are positioned and structured, preventing the facial features from being held together in the right places.

Due to her condition, Cynthia had an extremely tough time growing up. The sweet woman was so relentlessly tormented she grew to think of herself as utterly unworthy of being loved or likеd.


A screenshot of Cynthia Murphy as a baby from a YouTube video of her talking about her life with her condition, posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

Looking back on her unpleasant past, Cynthia marvels at how she managed to eventually overcome the vitriol. There were several instances when she thought she would never get over it.

Cynthia failed to make any long-lasting and authentic friendships and connections for a long time. She even began thinking she would never so much as find a friend until one fateful day when she met Thane Murphy, her current husband and the love of her life, who truly accepted her.

It Was a ‘Hard-Knock’ Life for Cynthia Murphy Growing Up

Before she met her soulmate, Cynthia’s life was challenging, to say the very least. As a young girl growing up with a facial disorder she had no control over, she was constantly mistrеâtеd and judged by people who knew absolutely nothing about her. She was incessantly picked on and bullied by callous kids at school. To make matters worse, some would physically assault her and throw objects at her.

She led a distraught life where she was completely helpless and felt likе she had no one to turn to in her times of need. Despite starting facial realignment and construction surgeries at 12, Cynthia was still the butt of every joke. She describes her childhood:

“I had a very difficult childhood growing up; I got beat up after school, things thrown at me, it hurt. It hurt a lot to be labeled as someone who was ugly and deformed and stupid, and incapable.”

A photo of Cynthia Murphy as a young girl holding her sibling from a video posted on December 19, 2017 | source: YouTube.com/truly

In failing to seek external validation of her worthiness from fellow peers and even family members, Cynthia turned to God, praying every day that she would finally find acceptance. She devoted her life to God and hoped for the best, yet she continued to be rеjесted by society.

Through prayer, she hoped that her desire to be treated as a human being worthy of love and respect would come to fruition. Cynthia prayed for her tormentors to stop their reign of terror but was still continuously pushed to the side.

A screenshot of Cynthia Murphy’s memories in photos from a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

To say that Cynthia was bullied daily would be an understatement. She was viciously targeted every day of her life. She remembers all the harsh names kids would call her:

“My hopes and my imaginations steered far from the realities I dealt with. Daily, I was called ugly, deformed, weird, stupid, and worthless, [and] when I was 11, a gang of kids viciously attaсked me in the woods; thankfully, I escaped without harm. I was often cornered and assaulted during and after school [and] older students tried to run me over during my walks home, and [would throw things at me].”

A screenshot of Cynthia Murphy talking about her experience in a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

Cynthia did not experience a normal childhood, where one is entitled to love, safety, and security at the very least. She specifically recalled a heartbreaking incident in which she was duped into thinking that she finally had a friend.

A boy had pretended to be interested but only wanted her to help him with his homework. He eventually publicly embarrassed her by trash-canning and refusing to go to prom with her. To add insult to injury, he instead took another girl who she thought was her friend.

A screenshot of Cynthia Murphy crying in a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

Even more heartbreaking, Cynthia recalled how she would use her break times in school to find places where she could have little moments of sanity to herself. She would eat her cold, bland, tear-soaked sandwiches crying alone in the bathroom.

Valient sir Thane came to Cynthia’s rеscuе ever so aptly when she started experiencing the same discrimination she worked so hard to eliminate as a child in her young adult life.

A screenshot of Cynthia talking her trâumа growing up in a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

The Damsel in Distress Finally Finds Her Prince Charming

In an effort to do away with the pain and hurt she had harbored throughout the years of torment and harsh criticism, Cynthia turned to journaling. She began to write down all her thoughts and feelings to relieve herself of the trâumа she experienced:

“I escaped the judgments and abuses by writing in my journals, trying my best to keep faith [that] I would find happiness. I thought people could hurt me, but they could never take away my thoughts and words.”

A screenshot of Cynthia and her husband Thane sharing a tender kiss from a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

After enduring endless torment and abuse daily, Cynthia decided enough was enough. At 16, she embarked on a new journey , where she dusted herself off, picked herself up by the bootstraps, and took her power back.

One day, after being humiliated again, she decided enough was enough and dropped out of school. Then she started working for an attorney and focused all her attention on building a promising career.

Cynthia Murphy and her husband Thane talking about the deep love in a video posted on December 19, 2017 | Source: YouTube.com/truly

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