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“Exact Copies of Their Father”: How do Heidi Klum and Seal’s three children resemble their parents?

Heidi Klum, a 50-year-old supermodel, has four children. Her first child was born from her relationship with millionaire Flavio Briatore, but they divorced before the birth of their daughter.

Heidi afterwards began dating the legendary musician Seal, who adopted her former relationship’s daughter Leni. Despite their divorce, Seal welcomed Leni as his own.


Heidi and Seal had three other children together.

Followers of the celebrity couple have remarked that Heidi’s children with Seal appear to look more like their father.

Some others said they didn’t see much of Heidi in them, but they found the combination of their genes fascinating.

It’s fascinating to watch how children get certain characteristics from their parents, and it appears that Heidi’s children resemble their father.

Many people think they are attractive and distinctive, and the most important thing is that they are content.

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