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Breaking News Update in the Search for 9-Year-Old Who Went Missing While Camping With Family –

Breaking news update in the search for the 9-year-old girl who went missing at a campsite while riding her bike.

In a new update shared by local police, officers revealed that “Charlotte Sena has been located and in good health.” While more details are not yet known, police continued to say that they have a suspect in custody.

As earlier reports revealed, Sena was riding her bike by herself at Moreau Lake State Park in Saratoga, New York on Saturday Night when she never returned to the campsite her parents were renting. Roughly a half hour after she was last seen, an Amber Alert was activated.


Police believed at the time Sena had been abducted and was in “imminent danger of serious harm and/or death.” Prior to the 9-year-old being found, her aunt Jene, told NBC News that it felt as though Charlotte “disappeared almost into thin air.”

“I mean it was, minutes, minutes between when she was last seen and when she wasn’t there anymore.”

This is a developing report.

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