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Youngster With Naturally Blue Eyes Snow-White Hair And Lightning-Shaped Birthmark On His Face Becomes An Internet Sensation

A little African boy with striking features has gone viral on the internet. People are captivated by his natural blue eyes, a lightning-shaped scar on his face, and a patch of white hair, which some describe as “angelic.” Despite not knowing his name or age, his remarkable appearance has garnered worldwide attention.

In a video posted by Raoul Tsasa from the Netherlands, the child gazes into the camera and eats from a spoon, further emphasizing his unique charm. Commenters praised his distinctiveness and speculated on his future, with some suggesting he could become an actor without much effort.


While opinions vary, many found the child exceptionally beautiful. Some speculated about the cause of his distinctive appearance, with one user suggesting he was “kissed by lightning” and another mentioning Waardenburg Syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting skin, hair, eyes, and hearing.

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