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Simon Cowell discusses the traumatic incidents that changed his life.

Simon Cowell has had some health problems, especially after suffering injuries in two separate bike accidents over a two-year period.

On the most recent episode of the Today Show with hosts Terry Crews, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and his fellow America’s Got Talent judges, he talked about how those incidents affected his life.

The 64-year-old TV personality met a similar end on his bike in London in early 2022 after falling off it in Malibu in 2020 while riding an e-bike.

In order to promote the upcoming 18th season of the competition show, he was asked how the events changed his outlook on life.


It wasn’t great, it was just terrible because I was so unfit before the accident, he continued. I didn’t understand how unfit I was until I had to complete all the follow-up work. ”.

Even though he insisted he wouldn’t be giving up his bike anytime soon, Simon continued, “Things like that, I believe happen for a reason.

And I exclaim, ‘My god!’”.”.

He replied, much to the delight of his fellow actors, “I’m still going to stay on my bike, I’m obsessed with these things.”.

The next crash was less serious but still caused a fractured back, and Simon was rushed to the hospital with a possible concussion and a broken arm. A wrist brace was also seen on him for several weeks.

Simon was motivated by the circumstances to lead a generally healthier lifestyle, especially for the benefit of his nine-year-old son Eric, thanks to his fiancée Lauren Silverman.

When speaking about the effects of his e-bike injuries with The Sun in April of last year, he said: “When I fractured my back, I considered therapy for the first time because I was very, very, very, low.”.

“I felt quite depressed because I didn’t know how to express it to Eric. What I could do with him was limited. I was unsure if I would ever be able to walk or play football with him. ”.

Simon Cowell discusses the traumatic incidents that changed his life.

The actor revealed that after his bike accident the previous summer, his son came up with an amazing nickname for him. Eric was born to Simon and Lauren on Valentine’s Day of 2014.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge acknowledged to Entertainment Tonight that upon returning home following the incident, he felt quite “embarrassed.”.

As a result of the procedure, he now has metal rods and screws in his back. When the man reached his family, Simon recalled, “He said, “Dad, you look like Iron Man. I replied, “Yeah, I’m like Iron Man. ”.

Since then, Simon has been able to make fun of his mishaps as well, recalling his first, more significant mishap in June 2021 while on AGT.

Terry asked Simon in a family-oriented audition show if he ever imagined himself doing that with Eric after watching a father-son team perform a dangerous Shaolin Kung Fu act.

Simon jokingly remarked to the other person, “I kind of got to the point after I fractured my back where I’m going around the garden with him, and I think it’s a huge deal. Then I consider, “Maybe not so great!” as I continue.

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