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Jane Fonda Announces The Terrible News No One Wanted To Hear

Asia was a destination for actress Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War. She was pictured with an American foe, and the pictures drew harsh criticism. Many individuals viewed Fonda’s protest of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War as an act of treason against the government, despite the fact that Fonda later clarified that she had no intention of doing so when she posted the old pictures.

For her part in the contentious photos, Fonda was never formally charged. But lately, a senior Trump adviser brought up Fonda’s checkered past during a Fox News program and even charged the ailing actor with “treason” for appearing for the photographs in 1972.

On Wednesday, during a Fox News interview, former senior Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller made the derogatory remarks against Fonda. Miller went so far as to charge the two-time Academy Award winner actress with high treason during his appearance on the conservative entertainment news channel because of the way she traveled to Vietnam in 1972 and spoke out against American involvement in the Asian war on a Vietnamese radio broadcast.

A image of Fonda during her trip to Vietnam shows her riding an anti-aircraft gun that would have been used to shoot down American pilots and aircraft that were flying over Vietnam at the time.


Through her latest advocacy, Fonda has re-entered the public eye. She organized protests in Washington throughout Trump’s brief tenure in office and was even detained at least once. Now, she wants Vice President Joe Biden to reverse the pipeline plans that President Trump implemented while in office.

To combat Fonda and prevent Biden from canceling the Trump pipeline, Miller is now turning to Fox News.

People might not remember what Fonda did during the Vietnam War, according to Miller. She offered her services as a prop for Communist propaganda in North Vietnam. On their radio station, she produced propaganda for North Vietnam.

She sat atop their anti-aircraft battery, which is used to shoot down American aircraft and airmen, he continued. By any standard, and I’ll use the word, what she did was treasonous. She was praised as a hero, too?

Fonda long ago expressed regret for the “Hanoi Jane” photograph to American veterans. She does not regret being an anti-war activist, though.

She said to Barbara Walters in 1988, “I was trying to help end the killing and the conflict, but there were times when I was reckless and thoughtless about it, and I’m really sorry that I wounded them.

Recently, Fonda criticized President Biden for not acting quickly enough to halt the Trump pipeline. She added that Biden has not taken “enough” steps to prevent the environmental catastrophe that the project will cause.

“We are incredibly appreciative of what he has been doing. He has accomplished many wonderful things. not enough though. not enough guts. not quickly enough. Time is of the essence, Fonda added. We have less than nine years, according to scientists, to cut our emissions in half. Line 3 is moving in the exact opposite direction, and daily news reports indicate that emissions are increasing rather than decreasing.

Therefore, she continued, “we have to put our bodies on the line and do all we can to urge our administration to stop issuing these permits.

Do you concur that Fonda is a traitor, as Miller claims?

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