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Dad with no arms or legs raises 2 daughters after their mom abandoned them both as babies

Becoming a parent opens us to a profound depth of love we couldn’t have imagined. I can genuinely say that the day I became a parent was the happiest day of my life. The moment I laid eyes on my baby, I understood that my existence on this Earth had irrevocably changed.

I’m not alone in acknowledging this sentiment. Nearly every parent worldwide would express a similar feeling.

Unfortunately, not all parents share this experience. Some are inexplicably capable of abandoning or, worse, abusing their children.


One Paraguayan family has seen both ends of this spectrum, and their story centers around a remarkable lady named Doña Ignacia, who celebrated her 90th birthday in 2021.

In her younger years, Doña Ignacia had a son, Pablo Acuña. However, not long after his birth, she noticed that he wasn’t developing as expected.

“I quickly realized that my son, at an early age, wasn’t growing much,” she explained.

Eventually, Doña Ignacia and her husband took Pablo to the hospital to determine what was affecting his growth and whether there were any possible treatments.

“He was in the hospital for two or three months, then he [the father] brought him back just like when they left,” Ignacia explained.

Tragically, it was discovered that Pablo had a condition that stunted the growth of his limbs, leaving him without arms and legs.

Despite these challenges, Doña Ignacia stood by her son’s side and cared for him as she would any other child. As Pablo grew, he required the assistance of a wheelchair, but his mother reminded him daily that he was special and equally deserving of life.

Perhaps it was this compassion that instilled in Pablo the determination to make a significant difference when he himself became a parent. Reports indicate that he had two daughters of his own, only for their mother to abandon them at a young age.

Despite the significant obstacles and hardships Pablo faced in his own life, he lovingly raised his two daughters. Today, they are in their twenties, and one of them, Elida, speaks fondly of her father.

Elida describes him as wise and intelligent, despite having never attended school. She also notes that he maintains a perpetually positive and joyful outlook on life, regardless of the challenges he’s encountered.

“My dad is my world. He is my friend… he is the best dad in the world. That’s why I left my life in Argentina and came to stay,” she says.

Elida decided to care for her father because her grandmother, Doña Ignacia, can no longer manage the task due to her age.

The heartwarming message of unwavering family love in this story is truly remarkable. Please, share this article on Facebook if you, too, would do anything for your family.

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