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Meet Yazemeenah Rossi, the 67-year-old hailed as the “world’s most beautiful grandmother”

The idea that age determines our capabilities is one that Yazemeenah Rossi opposes, and it’s a concept that I like. One of the people who is challenging age-related preconceptions is Rossi, who has been called the “world’s most beautiful grandmother.” The fact that she is alive challenges the notion that youthfulness is intrinsically linked to attractiveness.

Rossi was born in Corsica, France, on December 21, 1955. She began her career as a model when she became 30, and it has spanned decades. She has featured on the covers of magazines all around the world and has had roles in films such as Timeless Beauty and Relevator.


Rossi continues to model despite the fact that the profession mostly caters to young people because she foresees a change. She is aware of the widespread worries around aging and the changes that occur to the skin. Despite this, she revels in the grace and independence that come with advancing years.

According to Rossi, aging is more of a mindset that is driven by curiosity and adventure. She stays away from cosmetic operations in favor of naturally replenishing her complexion by putting an emphasis on healthy food and consuming a diet that is high in avocados.

Rossi, who is getting close to the age of 68, is unwavering in her determination that she will continue to model. Beyond the realm of modeling, she thinks that her role is to exemplify the beauty and energy that energizes each and every one of us.

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