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“Cement rather than silicone.” What does the woman who had cement mortar injected into her face by a beautician look like now?

People often go to considerable efforts to achieve a youthful appearance, seeking the help of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Not all practitioners, though, have degrees in medicine.

Driven by her need for a makeover, Raji hurriedly went to the first cosmetologist she saw who wasn’t a medical professional.

She was horrified to learn that this “doctor” had injected tire sealant and cement instead of the proper cosmetic ingredients. Raji’s facial features started to recede quickly, and ugly lumps started to appear on her cheeks.


Luckily, fate had other ideas and she found a program created especially to support those who had been harmed by these inexperienced practitioners. With great pleasure and happiness,

Raji was able to gradually bring her appearance back to anything approaching its previous splendor.

What remained to be concerned about were any remaining tiny bumps on her cheeks, as trying to get rid of them may endanger her health.

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