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She Adopted a Pregnant Dog on Euthanasia List. When It Later Gave Birth, She Was Shocked!

Ashley Holland, a compassionate animal rescuer, recently made headlines with a remarkable rescue. She adopted Ava, a pregnant Golden Chow, just hours before Ava was to be euthanized due to limited shelter space.

Ava surprised everyone by giving birth to 18 puppies. Ashley, a mother of three and a dedicated animal rescuer, faced the challenge of expanding her foster family.


Despite the loss of one puppy, Ashley and her family provided exceptional care, socialization, and medical attention to prepare the remaining puppies for adoption. The Royal pups, as they were named, found loving homes, thanks to Ashley’s efforts and community support.

This heartwarming story reminds us that even small acts of kindness can create significant impacts for those who can’t speak for themselves. Stay tuned for more updates on Ashley’s continued efforts in animal rescue.

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