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Baby Animal With Jar On Head Waits By The Road For Someone To Help

Park ranger Sarah Lindgren had a heart-stopping moment while driving near Cross Fork, Pennsylvania, when she spotted an animal in distress by the roadside. It turned out to be a bear cub with its head stuck in an empty plastic jar.

Approaching the cub cautiously, Lindgren confirmed the situation. She gently freed the cub’s head from the jar, and it began to show signs of life. It was as if the bear was seeking help from a passing motorist.

After successfully removing the jar, Lindgren encouraged the disoriented cub to move away from the road to ensure its safety. She later reported the incident to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


While Lindgren didn’t see the cub’s mother during the rescue, officials believed the 8-month-old cub was old enough to survive independently. It may have been living on its own already.

A few days after the rescue, Lindgren spotted the cub again, and it appeared to be recovering well.

Here’s footage of what happened next:

Lindgren’s quick thinking and compassion likely saved the young bear’s life, and she remains optimistic about its chances of survival. She did what she could legally do and is relieved to have been there to help.

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