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Woman converts ambulance into gorgeous tiny home on wheels to enjoy more freedom

Rachel’s adventure of turning an old ambulance into her dream home, the “Glambo,” is a tale of passion and perseverance.
This isn’t just any home; it’s a reflection of her spirit, creativity, and longing for freedom.
She felt trapped in a life where her job defined her happiness, and the yearning to wander and explore became too strong to ignore.

Choosing an ambulance as her residence was a bold move.

These vehicles usually retire after a decade of service.
Rachel’s Glambo, a 2006 vehicle, had its run and then briefly moonlighted as a plumber truck.
The transformation wasn’t easy. It took three months just to strip it down.
And when the going got tough, her father stepped in, becoming her rock.
The overall cost of her Glambo (including the renovations) was about $20K-$25K.


From the outside, the Glambo is a head-turner.

Resting on a 2006 Chevy Kodiak C 4500 chassis, it stretches a good 24 feet and spans eight feet across.
But Rachel’s magic touch has made this behemoth feel like a cozy nest.
And while its 6.6 liter Duramax engine might not win any eco-friendly awards, it’s reliable.
Plus, there’s something about its sturdy front that makes Rachel feel invincible on the road.

The Glambo is not just about looks; it’s incredibly practical.

Rachel cleverly used the outer compartments for plumbing and electrical gear, making the interiors spacious.
She’s also future-proofed her home with lithium batteries and a powerful solar setup.
And those cute mini windows?
They used to be ambulance lights. Talk about a glow-up!

Inside the ambulance home, it’s a world of comfort and personality.

After several tweaks and changes, the interiors now boast a snug couch, a twin bed, and storage that would make Marie Kondo proud.

Rachel’s personal touch shines through, from her cherished tree painting to the quirky block project.
And the kitchen? It’s a blend of functionality and style with its metallic sink and hexagon-themed tiles.

Rachel didn’t skimp on the bathroom either.

She was clear: she wanted a shower.
The result is a chic space with a black accent wall and waterproof tiles.
And she splurged on a top-notch composting toilet because, well, some comforts are non-negotiable.

Life in the Glambo has reshaped Rachel.

She’s moved from chasing work deadlines to chasing sunsets.
It’s not always been smooth sailing, but the sense of peace and contentment she’s found is priceless.

She told Tiny House Giant Journey:
“I was seeking a happier mindset, a drama-free mindset, and just a peaceful sense of Freedom.”

Rachel’s journey is a nudge, a gentle reminder that sometimes, joy lies in the unexpected.
It’s about pushing boundaries, reimagining what success looks like, and diving headfirst into new adventures.
The Glambo, with all its quirks and features, shows what’s possible with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of determination.
Her message is clear: if you believe it will bring you joy, take the leap, embrace the challenge, and go for it.
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