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The amazing story of Tru Beare, born weighing just 1 pound

Children are God’s gifts to the world, a treasure that renews our trust in everything that is wonderful.

Most of the time, when a woman becomes pregnant, it is cause for celebration; it is a moment when the whole family can feel enthusiastic about welcoming a new life and thinking about the promising future that lies ahead.

Of course, not every pregnancy is without difficulties. Even with all the miracles of contemporary technology, giving birth may be risky because mistakes can and do happen.
The tale of young Tru Wende Beare is fascinating. She was in a struggle from the moment she was born, 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound.


Eleven days after Tru’s birth, her mother finally got the chance to hold the infant. Tru strengthened as a result of the work of the staff at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, Canada.

But her struggle was far from done.

Tru was ill, and for a few weeks, she was kept alive by being placed in an incubator. At day 54, her father was finally allowed to have her in his arms, and he relished every second of it.

Tru had a lot of fights to fight, but she ultimately started to get better. She transitioned from the incubator to the crib on day 71. Nothing was going to be able to stop her.
This brave little lady switched to low-flow oxygen on day 90, and from that point on, only upward motion was possible.

Tru was allowed to return home at last after spending four arduous and tough months in the hospital.

During her hospitalization, she battled sepsis twice, necrotizing enterocolitis twice, blood clots twice, chronic lung disease twice, MRSA twice, retinopathy twice, a congenital heart problem twice, and required seven blood transfusions.

Tru’s life did not have an easy beginning, but this young girl’s tale is very inspirational. Due to those who stood up for Tru, she is now a healthy toddler and big sister.
Look at those adorable, smiley tiny cheeks and those adorable eyes.

Thankfully, everything appears to have gone smoothly, and Tru is currently expanding steadily. Tru is now older than 3 years old, healthy, and having a happy, joyful life.
Just take a peek at her now!

I’m very happy to see how much she’s grown! It warms my heart to see how well she is doing! She is a lovely live walking miracle when compared to where she was when she was first born to where she is today.

Wow! You, Baby Tru, are so motivating! We hope you have a happy life and the finest possible future.

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