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“Cobain’s only heiress-the exact copy of her dad”: This is Kurt Cobain’s daughter whom he abandoned

Here is the heiress of musician Kurt Cobain: How does she look now?

It is worth mentioning that the only daughter of the iconic American musician, charming Frances Bean Cobain is the exact copy of her legendary father according to millions. Many strongly hold the opinion that she looks incredibly like her dad, not only physically, but also characteristically.


The charming girl’s mother is C. Love who gave Cobain his only daughter whom the iconic man abandoned when she was still a newborn. The feeling of being heartlessly left didn’t prevent the girl from recognizing the great talent of her dad. Whereas Frances considered Kurt a weak and irresponsible man.

Her gorgeous blond hair and appealing eyes resemble those of her legendary father who became an idol for millions performing in the famous group “Nirvana”. Frances is a big fan of rock music as well.

Does she really look like her legendary father? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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