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«Forgot about the pedicure and hygiene!»: Demi Moore disappointed the followers with her new photos

The fans started to advise Demi Moore to visit a beauty salon after these photos! 😲🤯 No one was ready to see the actress look so unkempt! 😬

It seems as if this Hollywood film star still has no plans to age. She has recently caused a stir showing herself in a piquant pose. The fans obviously saw the outstanding actress’s overgrown nails and were slightly disappointed.


The loyal fans of the film star never cease to admire her timeless beauty and accentuated femininity. However, her most recent photos in a leopard-print bikini quickly became the subject of discussions on social media.

The fact that her nails looked unkempt was obvious. The fans started to advise her to take more time for herself or, at least, visit a beauty salon.

Do you agree with the fans? Share your opinion below!

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