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Father Finds Out Daughter Is Bullying Girl for Her Looks…

A loving father from South Carolina was put in a challenging circumstance in 2017. He had learned that one of his daughters was harassing a fellow student. Rather than becoming enraged or punishing his child, he chose to respond in a way that was more understanding and educational.

Father Randy Smalls, who himself had been bullied as a child, saw this as an opportunity to teach his daughter, Re’Onna. Recognising the seriousness of the circumstance, he was resolved to assist his youngster in comprehending the ramifications of her behaviour. His goal was to teach her an important lesson about kindness, empathy, and how one’s actions affect other people.

Randy made contact with Ryan Reese, the little child his daughter had been bullying. Rather than putting her in a bad situation or isolating her, he brought Ryan shopping. He used the money he had set aside for his daughter’s expenditures to buy Ryan new clothes and a trip to the hair and beauty salon because he wanted her to feel important and appreciated. Randy showed the girl who his daughter had targeted a strong show of love and support with this gesture.


Randy made it very apparent to Re’Onna that laughing or engaging in bullying behaviours amounts to “co-signing the bullying.” He wished for his daughter to understand the psychological and emotional damage that his actions do to other people. Randy thought that by including her in the process of apologising and being kind to Ryan, he would be fostering empathy in his own child.

However, Randy’s generosity continued after the shopping trip. He persisted in his support of Ryan, realising that the young child was going through a difficult period due to the bullying she had experienced and the recent deaths of her father, aunt, and grandfather. Ryan was able to recover her confidence and approach her academic obstacles with newfound vigour thanks to Randy’s consistent kindness.

Randy’s efforts served as a lesson for parents in addition to merely dealing with the current issue. He underlined that, particularly in the face of grave circumstances like bullying, it is our duty as parents to accept accountability for our children’s behaviour and to serve as mentors rather than just friends.

Randy’s compassion had a significant effect. Re’Onna and Ryan started to mend their friendship and move over their past. Re’Onna promised to quit bullying people after realising from her experience that you can never really know what someone else is going through. She would defend Ryan at school if she saw someone bullying her.

Ryan’s life started to turn around, and she started to feel better about herself. In an effort to promote an inclusive and accepting environment, Re’Onna’s father persisted in offering assistance, asking Ryan to join him and his girls at their school’s yearly Valentine’s Day father-daughter dance.

Re’Onna and Ryan received brand-new outfits as a token of their newly formed friendship and the positive metamorphosis they had undergone, in addition to receiving emotional healing.

Ryan’s story—from being bullied as a child to discovering a supportive friend in Re’Onna and her father, Randy—serves as a potent reminder of the positive impact that empathy and understanding can have on the lives of kids who endure such terrible things.

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