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“The Carol Burnett Show”: Skit from The Carol Burnett Show has an unexpected twist

On “The Carol Burnett Show,” one memorable comedy sketch featured Carol Burnett and Tim Conway as a couple returning to their wedding destination in Mexico after ten years. Despite staying in the same room, they still question its quality.

As they get into bed and say goodnight to each other, Carol’s character, Tune, cries out, “Henry, Henry!” Her eyes widen, claiming that something snaked across her. Tim, playing Henry, assures her it’s just her imagination.

Tune asks him to switch on the light, and he teases, “It’s right there!” while pointing to Carol’s feet. She jumps up in fright, and he quickly admits he was joking. Annoyed, she finally lies back down in bed.


Soon, Tune panics again, shouting that she almost stepped on the dresser as she sits on top of it. Henry, puzzled, asks where it is, only to realize Tune is seeing things. He pretends to punch the “monster,” but it turns out to be antiperspirant. They return to bed, and Henry leaves the antiperspirant in a cup nearby.

Once again, Carol cries out in fear, claiming the glass has smashed and the lights turn on. She jokes that maybe the antiperspirant is transmitting resentment. In another humorous moment, she insists Henry not move, saying there’s something on the back of his neck. After he goes outside, she locks him out, but eventually, she lets him back in.

Back in bed, Henry now has a massive lizard on his back, and the audience bursts into laughter even before Carol notices it. She glances at the lizard and dramatically faints. The entire sketch keeps the audience entertained from start to finish with its hilarious antics.

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