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Man Discovers His Partner Is Cheating On Him with Her Boss, Secretly Contacts Boss’s Wife

A 28-year-old man believed he would finally have the family he always dreamed of until he realized things weren’t adding up in his girlfriend’s story. He decided to do some digging to discover the truth.

The man and his 25-year-old girlfriend had been dating for two years when the woman found out she was pregnant. At first, the man was intrigued because he was always careful, and his girlfriend told him she was on contraceptives.

The man had a different perspective on how he wanted to start a family. His situation wasn’t how he expected it to play out, but he was nonetheless excited and accepted their situation.

He accompanied his girlfriend to the doctor and confirmed the pregnancy. They were well past the first trimester, and his girlfriend began demanding certain things. One of the things she wanted him to do quickly was take her into his home. Her persistence was a red flag that he didn’t realize early on.


They began talking about setting up the baby’s room and managing their work responsibilities. The woman promised to continue working but insisted on working from home. She was confident this setup would work out, and he agreed.
His Girlfriend Started Acting Strange Around Him

By the time the pregnancy reached the third trimester, things had begun to unravel. At this point, the man had been to every doctor’s appointment with his girlfriend.

On one particular occasion, however, the girlfriend asked him to wait outside while speaking to the doctor privately. Initially, he thought something was wrong with their baby that she didn’t want him to hear, but he later realized it was for an entirely different reason.

The woman brushed off her boyfriend’s concern and assured him everything was fine. It was yet another red flag he failed to note.

Weeks before her due date, the girlfriend became more secretive towards the man. She answered calls and messages privately, saying it was confidential work conversations. By this point, the man began to doubt. He noticed she had downloaded several social media platforms, which he found strange. Still, he didn’t confront her.

When the child was born, the man was overwhelmed with emotions. He was grateful their child was born healthy, and things went well for his girlfriend.

One of the first things they needed to fix was the child’s birth certificate. His girlfriend insisted on him processing the papers, constantly asking him to do it as soon as possible.

He could no longer deny how suspicious she was acting. She was overly anxious about the birth certificate as if something was wrong. The man decided not to do it. They argued about it initially, but the woman stopped pushing when she realized how strange she was acting.

One day, his girlfriend tended to their child. She left her phone in the room with the screen facing down. The man realized it was now or never – it was his chance to see if anything was going on. The woman’s phone was unlocked, and he found a conversation between her and another man.

The man’s stomach twisted. She was sending the other man photos of her and the baby, sending him updates on all the appointments, and finally, the most gut-wrenching message: the woman told him she thought the baby was his child.

The man was furious and could no longer hide his true feelings from the woman. He confronted her about it and she apologized.
The Woman Admits She Had an Affair

His girlfriend could no longer deny her affair. She admitted that she didn’t know whether the child was the other man’s. Heartbroken, the man asked for a paternity test. It was the most distressing period in his life. The results took about a week. The man was hoping for the best. He loved the woman and their child and had no idea how to react to negative news.

The results came in, and there was no turning back. With all his will, he looked at the paternity results and was heartbroken to discover that his gut feelings were right.

Furious, betrayed, and in disbelief, the man mustered up the strength to force the woman, and her child, to leave his home. He couldn’t believe she could do that to him, especially since they had been dating for two years.

The remorseful woman packed her bags, took her child, and lived with her mother. Even with the woman gone, the man was left with so much emotion that he could not control it.

He began looking for a name. He wanted to know who his ex-girlfriend’s other man was, but all he had were the usernames they used on the social media platform. After hours of digging, it all made sense to him. He said:

“The father is her boss. The secrecy was for him. The boss with a wife and 4 kids in middle and high school. I found the wife on Facebook and sent her all I had, including texts from my gf saying it’s his.”

The man felt so betrayed. He was bitter, angry, and untrusting. He decided to do something about it.

The Man Took Matters Into His Own Hands

“I found the wife on Facebook and sent her all I had, including texts from my gf saying it’s his,” the man revealed in a post on Reddit. He was heartbroken, which changed how he viewed relationships as a whole.

The boss’s wife contacted the man after more than a week of silence.

Despite this, he couldn’t deny the connection he built with the baby, whom he had helped raise for a while. He was heartbroken, and a part of him missed the child. His then-ex-girlfriend continued to contact him. However, he refused to respond and vowed not to talk to her again.

It took a while before the other man’s wife responded to his message. However, he learned from the persistent messaging of his ex-girlfriend that her boss had lost his job after people found out about his affair. Worse, he blamed her for the mess in his life. “There’s some justice in the world,” the man thought.

The boss’s wife contacted the man after more than a week of silence. She apologized and was still reeling from the news. The wife told the man he had kicked out her husband and that their children knew. Everyone knew.

His ex-girlfriend still works in the same place, but the controversy made things difficult for her. She was looking for another job as she needed a way to sustain her child.

When all was said and done, the man still felt empty. The betrayal gutted him, and he was ready to swear off any romantic relationship for the rest of his life.

Many of those who read his story shared their thoughts. They applauded the man for his sound actions and how he handled the difficult situation.

One user shared tips on how the man could move on. He stressed the importance of getting help, especially after such a traumatizing experience. “Take some time to grieve, but definitely start therapy if you can. Taking a professional’s help processing all of this will help you immensely,” the user suggested.

Another acknowledged the man’s pain but said he should be proud of how his instincts guided him. “Don’t be surprised if you get a knock on the door from her, asking for another chance. Don’t fall for that,” the person said firmly.

Everyone in the comments tried to show support for the grieving man. They gave him the best advice and sympathized with the boss’s wife and children. “That poor wife of the [boss]. Glad you told her. At least you are not tied to her like the [boss’] wife is tied to him. Literally no contact with your ex,” one wrote.

With his ex-girlfriend constantly trying to get in touch with him, the man knows she’s having difficulty dealing with the mess she made. However, he’s determined not to get in touch with her ever again so he can slowly try to move on from the traumatizing situation she put him in.

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