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Groom Flees from Bride at the Altar, Sends Message to Her Sister a Few Days Later

She stood in her wedding gown, with her makeup done and her hair styled to the nines. She was preparing for the rest of her life to begin. However, things were well on their way to turning around for good.

A woman was excited to exchange vows with her groom on their big day but soon found that it would be one of the most heartbreaking days of her life as her husband-to-be did something she could never have expected.

The woman admitted to feeling anxious on her wedding day, but not in the wrong way. In fact, she felt giddy and was smiling from ear to ear as she eagerly anticipated her future with her husband-to-be and their lives together with their son.


The woman shared: “I felt like a princess, but I didn’t know my fairy tale ending was about to come crumbling down around me.”

What Happened On The Wedding Day?

As the grinning bride stood at the altar with the man she was about to marry, the same man who had been gazing lovingly at her moments before, she was waiting for the words that would bind them. But, instead of hearing him say he would take her as his wife, he uttered:

The woman was confused and asked what her partner had said. The guests were in shock and suddenly, the bride’s mother stood up, saying she would kill the groom as he took off. The woman fell to her knees with her face in her hands and sobbed.

The crowd at the wedding stood, and one guest shouted that someone should go after him. However, the bride screamed not to. Her mother and sister then joined her on the floor as she sobbed in their arms.

The bride’s father told her wedding guests to give the bride some space, as she felt too numb to move back into the dressing room where she had prepared for this big day and her life ahead.

The woman stayed at her sister’s house for the next couple of days, where her sister tried to feed her grapes and coffee. The woman said she would not text her “runaway,” as she called him, and expected him to text her.
Later, she returned to their shared home and found that all of his things were gone, admitting:

“I kept looking for his things, but, truthfully, all I really wanted to find was him. I felt like if I could just see him standing there, see his face again, I could somehow fix things.”

However, the text she was waiting for from her husband-to-be took a while to finally arrive. Instead, she received contact from her “runaway” a week after he had left her at the altar, saying he could not be married.

Did He Ever Contact Her?

Instead of texting his abandoned bride, the man sent a message to her sister, saying that he wanted to be happy and wanted that for the bride, too. He then told the bride’s sister he was
not the one.

Three months after he had left her at the altar, the woman found out on Facebook that he was in a new relationship. The abandoned bride then said it had been two years since she had been left at the altar, and what hurt her most was that he had left their son behind.

The woman said she felt heartbroken that he had walked out on the beautiful child’s life and reaclled how her son had pleaded:

“Mama, I want Daddy back.”

However, she is now confident that she can raise her son alone and hopes she can one day explain precisely what happened. In the meantime, she says she refuses to be known as the woman who was left at the altar and wanted to rewrite her narrative.

She knows that she can raise her child on her own, but she also knows that he deserves a father who loves and cherishes him, so she has agreed to go on some dates.

What would you do in this situation? Would you allow your wedding guests to chase your runaway partner, or would you accept the terrible reality that your beloved could not marry you? Weddings are meant to be happy occasions, but they do not always turn out that way!

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