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Rapper Bhad Bhabie, Who Rose to Fame Thanks to Dr. Phil, Makes Stunning Announcement

While the name Bhad Bhabie may not be familiar, her famous catchphrase certainly is.

Bhad Bhabie first came onto the scene when she was just 13 years old and a guest on The Dr. Phil Show. Introduced as Danielle Bregoli, her defiant behavior, and wild demeanor caught the attention of the world.

But it was when she told Dr. Phil to “catch me outside, how ‘bout that,” that really sent her into overnight stardom. Bregoli capitalized on that fame by becoming a social media influencer and rapper under the alter ego Bhad Bhabie.


Now, the social media star is making an announcement no one saw coming.

On December 1, the 20-year-old shared a photo of herself sporting a baby bump, announcing that she and her boyfriend are expecting their first child together.
Bregoli went on to archive the rest of her social media posts. It’s unclear why, but some are speculating that Bregoli is attempting to rebrand now that she is an expectant mother.

Aside from the Instagram post, Bregoli hasn’t spoken out about her pregnancy or her plans for the future. And while Bregoli’s childhood may have been one people still talk about to this day, we hope that her motherhood journey is much different.

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