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Rod Stewart’s Unexpected Family Growth Announcement

Rod Stewart is arguably one of the most well-known singers of his era.

The 78-year-old father is a loving family man who takes care of his grandchildren as well as his children.

He’ll soon be welcoming a new member into his growing family. Go on reading to find out more about this!

The singer of “Maggie May” feels comfortable around children because he has eight of his own. Not only that, but the singer became a grandfather recently.


The fourth of his children, Ruby, announced the birth of her baby on May 9; she shares him with her fiancé, Jake Kalic.

His son Liam told him that his grandson Louie was born on May 12 to Liam Stewart, 28, and his partner Nicole Ann, just a few days after he became a grandfather for the first time.

“Welcome lad, you American, British, Croatian, Kiwi,” the new father wrote on Instagram while posting a gallery of images.

Rod and Rachel Hunter were married from 1990 to 2006, and their child is named Liam. Hunter heard the grandmother say, “Welcome, beautiful angel.” Penny Lancaster, Rod’s present wife, also left a comment, saying, “Congratulations, that’s the look of love.” Looking forward to a hug.

It looks like Rod Stewart is adding a member to his family at the moment. Liam, the son of Rod and Nicole Artukovich, has announced his engagement and upcoming wedding!

The couple announced the news by uploading the same image to their individual Instagram accounts, along with the words “Forever” and the diamond ring emoji.

In the picture, Nicole, who recently got engaged, looks lovingly at her fiancé while revealing her ring by placing it on his chest.

Naturally, the news was joyfully received and celebrated by all members of the family. Penny Lancaster said, “So magical, congratulations,” and included a heart emoji.

It’s almost time! I adore you two! Congratulations!,” Liam’s sister Rudy remarked slyly.Alastair, Liam’s brother, said, “1 vibes,” in the comment area.

What fantastic news! Congrats on the Stewart family’s ongoing success. We send our best wishes to the young couple as they embark on their new journey.

Tell your other Rod Stewart admirers about this so they can also rejoice.

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