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When he got home and took a closer look at the photos, Best noticed something unusual.

Gavin Best, a professional photographer, was walking with friends on Cavehill in Belfast one New Year’s Eve when he decided to stop and take a photo of the landscape which resembled picture perfect. Although he didn’t have his professional gear with him, the sight was too good to miss, so he still managed to take a breathtaking photo which featured impressive lighting, framing, and composition.

Speaking to The Mirror, Best explained that the tiny dot which appeared far away on the cliff he took a photo of was in fact a man who in a total coincidence was jumping into the air, presumably for another photo.

“When I looked at the photos afterwards on my mobile I didn’t spot anything; it was only a few days later when I was looking through the photos on my laptop that I noticed something over there, so I zoomed in,” he said.

Of course, there were those who said how they believed the photo wasn’t a coincidence but some sort of a set-up, which Best denied.


In fact, he “couldn’t even see anyone over there” at the time the picture was clicked.

The mysterious character appears close to the edge of the hill, quite some distance from the camera, which made a user ask ask whether the person may have been attempting to ‘jump off the cliff.’

Best, however, assured them that couldn’t be the case because there were other people there as well who could be seen on his other photos from that day.

Besides loving the photo he took, Best also commented on the nature in a separate Tweet and wrote: “That’s on top of Cavehill in Belfast, by the way. It’s quite a yomp up there, but amazing to get a walk like that so close to the city centre.”

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