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Angelina Jolie Confirms ‘Maleficent 3’ Despite Wanting out of Hollywood

Disney is officially bringing making ‘Maleficent 3’ with Angeline Jolie – here’s literally everything we know so far.

Angeline Jolie has confirmed that she will officially be returning to star as the live-action Maleficent in a third instalment based on the fan-favourite Disney animated classic, Sleeping Beauty.

As per the Wall Street Journal, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Tomb Raider star has already signed on to the live-action Maleficent 3 over at Disney.

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Jolie also told the WSJ that she’s interested in leaving Hollywood, despite signing up for the third live-action Disney movie – Jolie’s filmmaking career in the land of Hollywood may be nearing its end.


Although no plot or additional casting details have been confirmed, the titular star’s confirmation assures that fans of the franchise will be treated to another instalment.

Everything We Know So Far About Maleficent 3

Details, as of writing, on the confirmed Maleficent and Mistress of Evil sequel are fairly slim – besides the confirmation that Jolie will indeed play the character once again.

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Despite there being no additional cast confirmations, it can be at least safe to assume the return of Elle Fanning who played the live-action Sleeping Beauty aka Briar Rose or Aurora.

Harris Dickinson and Sam Riley may also be two safe bets for returning stars.

Dickinson starred as Prince Phillip and Riley as Diaval.

Disney’s Future Focus

Disney has made various announcements and updates to their strategy these recent months, as the giant movie machine intends to ensure its future projects can be better received by fans and critics relative to some of its more recent releases.

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The box office has also been a concern for the studio, with various major studio releases this year seeing far less success at the box office than prior years have seen.

One primary part of Disney’s future focus will be for the studio to lean more toward its self-owned IP titles such as the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

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Some projects such as the Spiderwick Chronicles reboot, which was originally set to premiere on Disney+, will no longer be homed by Disney going forward due to its new strategy.

Maleficent 3 Release Date
Maleficent 3 does not yet have a release date.

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