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«Who stole Pitt’s heart after Jolie?» This is what Hollywood macho Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend looks like

Pitt calls Ines «his girlfriend» and causes a furor among the fans! 😲😬The actor finally reveals the woman who became his biggest love after the divorce! 💘😍 You can find her photos in this article! 👇👇👇

It was in 2016 that probably the most iconic couple in Hollywood officially announced their divorce which left all their fans and admirers in tears. During all these years the world’s most beautiful woman wasn’t spotted with a man even once.

However, what concerns her ex-husband, he is reported to have a girlfriend for already several years. Finally, he calls the jewelry designer his girlfriend and makes a massive furor. Surprisingly, the girl is 30 years younger than him.


This resulted in mixed reactions. Some find her even more charming and attractive than Jolie who deserved to be the Hollywood star’s side much more, while the others can’t understand how Pitt fell in love with her.

«Most importantly, they found each other and are happy. Nothing else matters!», «You have no right to judge their union. It is completely up to them!», «I thought Pitt liked pretty girls..», «Such an unsuccessful choice».

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