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My wife’s mother treats me like I’m her slave – My husband didn’t believe me until I recorded her in secret.

After being abused by her mother-in-law, a woman who was very pregnant chose to stand up to her. But things did not go well in the fight.

Sometimes it’s hard to build and keep relationships with in-laws, especially between mothers and daughters-in-law. What’s worse is when a woman’s husband goes with his mother instead of his wife.

Sad to say, this is what happened to a 21-year-old mother who was expecting twin girls. The woman told the Reddit group about what happened and asked if what she did was right.

The woman shared that she and her mother-in-law have not been on the best terms. Things worsened when the OP’s in-law moved in with her and her husband six months after her father-in-law passed away.


Siding with His Mother Instead of His Wife
Amidst all that has happened, the OP’s husband still sided with his mother. He sympathized with her story after she called him to rant about his wife’s actions. The husband talked to his wife and asked her to be more understanding of his grieving mother. He also didn’t think she was putting much effort into their relationship as mother and daughter-in-law.

“I brought this to my husband’s attention enough times and all he did was downplay his mom’s action,” the woman said. Now, the OP wonders if she was wrong to tell her husband’s mother off.

After seeing her husband side with his mother, the woman brought him proof. The OP chose to record her mother-in-law as the mean person she is and showed her husband. He finally took action and set ground rules for his mother. However, he did not have the heart to kick his mother out of the house.

Do you think the woman was wrong to stand up for herself? What would you have done in her place?

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