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What’s happening to him?» The latest photos of a thinner Brad Pitt confused all his fans

As skinny as a rake!»😱Pitt has recently gained weight, but when he was captured by paparazzi, his overly thin appearance made a splash😔🥴See his strange photos in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Brad Pitt continues to win the hearts of millions of people even at this age. The whole world appreciates, praises and respects him.

Despite the fact that he has recently gained weight, he was recently spotted by the paparazzi with the famous actor George Clooney in stylish clothes. Her fashionable look immediately attracted the attention of Internet users who praised her appearance.


Apparently, Pitt looked younger again and became more attractive. Pitt and Clooney were close friends and are currently collaborating on the film «Wolves».

The film’s script was written by Jon Watts. Brad Pitt’s rejuvenated appearance has sparked discussions on the Internet. What can you say about Pitt’s changed appearance? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments.

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