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A couple adopts an undesirable ‘freak’ kid who was abandoned at birth, and you can see him now

Throughout the world, about one billion individuals are living with a disability. In other countries, children with disabilities are treated like “freaks,” denied the opportunity to go to school, left to die in unclean institutions, and subjected to cruel punishment.

One of these kids is Rustam, who had several health issues that damaged his appearance and caused his biological parents to abandon him when he was a newborn.

Just before he was about to go into a “disabled house,” the young child had a major miracle.

Prior to 2006, there was no system in place to protect people with disabilities. That year, the United Nations created an international treaty that, for the first time, protected disabled people and children who had been mistreated, abandoned, or imprisoned in some countries.


One of the kids that was left at the hospital soon after delivery because of his appearance was Rustam.
However, Rustam, who was born in Russia and still needed several treatments to be healthy, had no interest in being adopted or fostered.

Then, in 2017, Rustam’s picture was discovered by Nika Zlobin, a generous woman hoping to foster or adopt a child.

“It was a hole instead of a face,” the Moscow woman remembers looking at his picture.

She and her husband Yuri were given a list of requirements that Rustam needed, including speech therapy, cosmetic surgery, and a prosthetic leg, after expressing interest in the youngster.

“After reading it, I concluded that everything can be resolved,” the woman said in English. Why don’t we follow suit?

Their first meeting with the child went better than expected. “They brought Rustam to us in the playroom when Yuri and I arrived.” “You know, when I met him, he seemed like a child prodigy, and I was ready for a lot,” Nika remarks. “I thought he was in diapers.” Sincerely, I was taken aback.

The timing of Nika and Yuri was perfect; Rustam, who spoke primarily through gestures, was getting ready to be transferred to a “house of the disabled.”

It would have been a one-way trip, Nika said, “and in a disabled home, he wouldn’t have survived.”

Without delay, the pair finished the papers, got Rustam in the car, and drove him to his new residence in Moscow.
Nika responded, “I didn’t consider it. I know that many adoptive parents are apprehensive about their ability to love someone else’s kid as if it were their own. She’s as severe with him as she is with her own daughter, Iya.

His parents want him to work with them on his therapy; they do not treat him any differently.

Rustam objected, but she forced him to use crutches to get around the apartment while she taught him how to walk.

Rus shouted out, complained, and insisted on being carried, displaying [his] true nature.But after that, she said, “he got down to business and walked quickly.”


“What an oddball.”

Since Rustam joined the family, Nika has fought for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

Others, on the other hand, call the little child a freak and keep abusing him.

“Let’s call things by their words, freak,” a woman wrote to me. Nika specifically remembers one message. “Alternatively, they frequently write, ‘We would not be able to live next to such a freak. How did you decide to do this?’”

“I don’t know, maybe someone wants to always look at the beautiful,” Nika replies with affection. I find it more important that Rustam possesses the entire universe.
Nika claims that even though her skin has thickened, the attacks might still hurt occasionally. “[People] would rather put labels on things…should you not look like everyone else. Plenty of evil, plenty of evil.

Rustam’s parents are supporting him in spite of the nasty remarks, telling him that “everything was fine with him: two eyes, a nose, a mouth.” Two legs will shortly be present. He has the ability to see, hear, and speak.

And to show off his lively personality, the child, who is currently about ten years old, is banking on his “brightness and courage.” He dresses proudly and styles his hair in happy ponytails and dreadlocks.

Nika describes her child as “thinking broadly and openly, reaching sometimes contradictory conclusions,” thus it was easy for her to encourage him to explore new things. “Rustam never makes questions about how he looks. He enthusiastically reiterated how beautiful his entire family is and how stunning he is overall.

Sadly, Nika’s Instagram account has already been removed, so we are no longer able to follow Rustam’s incredible hair and crazy dancing moves.

“If my account should suddenly be blocked then I’ll probably feel better because I won’t see dozens of haters commenting about my son,” the woman has previously stated.

People can be so cruel to a loving couple who give the world to a helpless little child—it is devastating.

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The adorable little child was born without a leg and with part of his hip missing due to “several malformations,” which also changed the appearance of his face. For the first two years of his life, he was nourished via a tube, and for the following two, surgeons “literally piece-by-piece by collected his face.”

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