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«Bedridden and has little time left!» The latest news about Willis left everyone heartbroken

The fans’ hearts broke into pieces after this footage! 💔🙁 The incurably ill actor’s daughter shared a touching photo and stormed the network! 😐😱 See the exclusive snapshot in this article! 👇👇👇

The followers of 68-year-old B. Willis, one of the greatest, legendary and successful action movie stars, had no words to express their disillusionment the moment they saw what their cinema idol looked like.


His heiress shared a heartfelt footage thus cracking all the fans’ hearts. Willis was seen lying on bed and gently touching his daughter’s face who came to show her sympathy and support for the action movie actor.

It instantly became known that dementia was progressing and the cinema idol spends most of his time confined to bed. According to some sources, the iconic film star has no more than 1 year left in this article and this might be his last Christmas.

«My heart just broke into pieces!», «We all are waiting for a miracle to happen», «The actor without whom the industry won’t be the same!», «Sending prayers», «May God protect you and your family», «No good news..».

«The only actor whom I consider a true legend in Hollywood!», «Everything will be fine. Just believe in it!», «What a touching image!».

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