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David and Victoria Beckham disappointed fans with their behavior at the Jacquemus show

«Take your hand away from such body parts! You’re in public!» David disgraced himself and his wife in some shots, disappointing fans. Just look at the shameful photos in the article

The Beckham family appeared in public and immediately surprised all the fans. When Victoria appears in front of the camera, it is difficult to realize that this unreal beauty is already 48-years-old and she is the mother of four children.

There are no words that Victoria’s style is simply incredibly beautiful. She has a perfect sense of style, although there were times when she dressed strangely. But she always looks perfect.


When Victoria and her husband David Beckham appeared at the Jacquemus event, they immediately became the center of attention of everyone present, but not everyone thought their actions were pleasant.

Despite the fact that Victoria is not young, she already has wrinkles, she and her husband behaved like 18-year-olds. Everyone noticed and even in the footage you can see how strange Victoria’s husband behaved. Fans did not like his behavior. What do you say about this?

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