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Chic one-bedroom: a woman shows what she has done with her 39 m² “ubumoi” flat

The main character of our story is a young investor who bought a one-room flat not for personal residence, but for the purpose of further profitable resale.


The purchased apartment required serious renovation, as the interior was in poor condition.

A designer was engaged to transform the outdated interior into a modern, comfortable and stylish space.

Entrance area

The colour palette of the entire room was decorated in light tones. The floor has light laminate flooring and the walls are covered with white paint. The new entrance door has a built-in mirror.

On the right, there is an open black coat rack, under which an upholstered bench with a shoe compartment is conveniently placed. In the space between the kitchen and the main room is a spacious white cupboard with elegant black handles.


The design of the kitchen follows the general style of the flat: the same materials for the floor and walls. To the left of the entrance is a custom-made kitchen set with an unusual shape.

To the right is a spacious cupboard for storing kitchen utensils and food. The lower part of the cabinet is pure white, while the upper part imitates the wooden texture.

The kitchen apron is finished with mirrored panels to create the visual effect of an expanded space. On the opposite side of the work area is a dining group with elegant lighting.

Living room

This space has been transformed into a light and airy area without excesses in furniture and decor. The walls are decorated with wallpaper prepared for painting. Opposite the entrance there is a large wardrobe up to the ceiling. Next to it, a corner for work is organised.

By the window there is a double bed in beige colours with a soft headboard. The wall at the headboard is decorated with decorative panels. Next to the window is a minimalist dressing table with a large mirror.

Bathroom and toilet

Plumbing in the bathroom remained in its place, only opposite the sink was made a place for the installation of a washing machine, which will be installed later.

The walls are finished with porcelain stoneware in a soft sandy colour and water-resistant white paint.

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