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My boyfriend lets his old sick mom move in with us while we both work full-time and raise two little children

I suggest sending her to the nursing home and this is how my boyfriend reacts! For the continuation – see the article!

It is no secret that everyone’s role shifts and we witness the cycle of life before us. No one will guarantee us from seeing our precious parents get old and need assistance, however sad it might seem. First, it is our parents who take care of us.

Later, it is us who are responsible for them and who should never neglect their needs. It is necessary that we adore our parents, but, sometimes, putting them above our needed causes controversy and can lead to new families’ separation.

Today’s story was shared by a woman who came to complain about her husband’s suggestion about letting his old and frail mother move in with them. This seemed hardly possible for her since they are raising two kids and work full time.


Their children are small and they require as much care and attention as possible. The woman is of the opinion that she needed professional help and it would be more appropriate to send her to a nursing home. However, her husband doesn’t think so.

He is strongly against any other option since he had promised his late dad to never send the woman to a nursing home.

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