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Kylie Jenner had to delete a video with a bag for 300 thousand dollars after a scandal.

There was no sign of bedlam, Kylie Jenner simply dressed up in a tight silk dress with a deep neckline and recorded a video for Tiktok. She could hardly have imagined that she would cause a storm of criticism – the image turned out to be ordinary. The culprit of the “triumph” was the handbag, which, thanks to the efforts of the businesswoman, was clearly visible in the frame. It is no coincidence that the Faubourg Birkin is valued at about $300,000 – it is made in the form of a miniature of the Hermès flagship store.

The inhabitants not only did not appreciate the outfit, but criticized it to smithereens. Not forgetting to show off your fashion erudition in the meantime. “She looks terrible in this! The outfit is in cool colors, and this bag is in warm beige and white!” – quotes the critic from the Daily Mail. In addition, the model began to be widely accused of trying to flaunt wealth. The celebrity could not stand it and deleted the ill-fated video after a barrage of insults. It’s probably a shame, especially since the expensive accessory was a gift for Kylie’s 25th birthday. And how else should a young millionaire dress, if not in all the most expensive things?

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