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Jennifer Lopez showed off her dressing room in a $60 million mansion—fans are outraged.

Last year, after looking at dozens of houses in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally found the perfect family nest. Having learned that it cost $60 million, fans eagerly awaited photographs of the interiors, but even American tabloid journalists were unable to find them. However, Jen did not torment the fans and began sharing photos herself, in which you can partially see how the lovebirds settled down.

The day before, for example, the star published a photo of herself getting ready for brunch, which she took in the dressing room. Obviously, Jennifer expected enthusiastic comments – both about herself and about the renovation, but she received a lot of criticism. As the author of the Daily Mail article put it, “old lady” chairs with a floral print, a tapestry from another era and a crystal chandelier are not at all what you would expect from her. “Your tastes in furniture are specific,” one follower wrote under the photo on Instagram. “The renovation is just like my grandma’s,” another added.

In addition, fans noticed a plastic coffee cup on one of the tables, as well as a table with “a bunch of booze.” This is not the first time that alcohol around Jennifer has enraged the public, as her husband Ben Affleck has struggled with addiction for a long time. To be fair, the star once explained why she considered the accusations unfounded.


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