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Meghan Markle disappointed her 4-year-old son with her gift.

In recent years, the Dukes_of_Sussex have hardly shown their children to the public. Four-year-old_Archie and two-year-old_Lilibet didn’t even_appear on the family’s_official_Christmas card. Fans can only watch how the heirs of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry grow up through paparazzi shots, as well as rare comments. The day before, the actress told a funny story about her son at a meeting she moderated with director Misan Harriman and David Oyelowo, star of the Netflix_short_film_After.

The baby, Megan said, is interested in photography: “Our son is four_and_a_half_years_old, but he always says: “I’m not four, I’m four and a half,” he learned to take photographs.” Misan, whom Megan interviewed, showed Archie how to work with the equipment. The boy, according to the actress, liked it, and she decided to support the heir’s hobby – she bought him a camera. True, her son’s demands turned out to be high even by Megan’s standards. “This is not a Leica, like Misan’s,” his mother recalled Archie’s words, adding that a camera of this brand costs eight thousand pounds. She wouldn’t give him such a gift even for Christmas.

The situation, according to Internet users, is twofold. On the one hand, Megan is not poor and if she has decided to support her son, she can afford to give him expensive equipment. On the other hand, it is not a fact that four-year-old Archie will take photography seriously. If so, then he’ll take_pictures with his phone. By the way, Kate Middleton is also passionate about photography; this hobby helped her establish herself in the royal_family.

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