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“I had to be near death to get all my children in one room.” Madonna about her illness.

Madonna_shared_details about her hospitalization: in June of this year, during intensive preparations for the tour, the singer was found unconscious in her apartment and taken to intensive care.

Madonna recalled this incident at a concert in Brooklyn, which took place as part of her Celebration anniversary tour. According to her, she remembers almost nothing from that evening. She was brought to the hospital by her close friend, whom Madonna publicly thanked from the stage. „I don’t even remember that night. I passed_out_on_the bathroom_floor_and_woke_up in the intensive_care_unit. I was in an induced_coma_for_48 hours. And my friend saved my life. Thank you, Shavon.“

Madonna added that she was very supported by her children: they all immediately came to her hospital after learning about her hospitalization. “When I first regained consciousness, I saw my six incredible_children_sitting around me. By the way, I had to be near death to gather all my children in one room,” the singer added.

Madonna has six children: biological – 26-year-old Lourdes, 22-year-old Rocco, as well as adopted – 17-year-old David, 17-year-old Mercy and 10-year-old_twins_Stella_and_Esther.


As the singer’s relatives said, she was hospitalized precisely because of the intense preparation for the tour: she devoted up to 12 hours a day to rehearsals. She was soon found unconscious and taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a serious bacterial infection. However, some fans suspected that she was actually facing the consequences of plastic surgery . Some users also decided that she was using drugs.

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